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How it Started

Development of CityMoS, the City Mobility Simulator, started in 2011 under the name SemSim within a Research Programme at TUMCREATE Ltd. in Singapore by a team of computer scientists under the guidance of Prof Alois Knoll (TU Munich). In 2016, SemSim was renamed to CityMoS and the focus of the simulation tool was expanded from electric vehicles to mobility in general.

The development of the software continued with the establishment of the Mobility in Virtual Environments at Scale (MoVES) Laboratory in close collaboration with Huawei since 2021 and CityMoS has matured from a research project to a market-ready mobility simulation product. Dr David Eckhoff has been leading the team since 2018 and serves as the Director of the MoVES Lab. Dr Daniel Zehe serves as the Principal Engineer and Dr Jordan Ivanchev as the Senior Researcher behind all modelling efforts.

Where it is heading

CityMoS provides easy-to-use tools to both industry and academia, that are at the same time highly performant and can run on a variety of environment, from workstation computers and laptops to high-performance clusters and the cloud. In 2021, the Singapore-based spin-off company intobyte Pte. Ltd. was founded to undertake commercial activities in the context of computational modelling, with a focus on using the simulation software CityMoS.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: CityMoS combines beyond state-of-the-art modelling and simulation research with parallel computing techniques to deliver answers to a wide range of mobility related what-if questions by enabling large-scale and multi-layered transport system evaluation and exploration at high resolution, for both industry and academia.

Vision: CityMoS paves the way for transitioning to greener and most-efficient transport systems by providing enhanced simulations that reflect complex real-world scenarios and enable next-generation urban transport planning in smart cities.

Award-Winning Projects and Papers

Borderless Silver Award by Ministry of Trade & Industry

The SITEM project team including TUMCREATE researchers has received the prestigious Borderless Silver Award 2022 in the annual Firefly Awards by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore (MTI).
Borderless<br/> Silver Award
Silver Award
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2022 Firefly Awards by
the Ministry of Trade and
Industry (MTI), Singapore
Best Contributed  <br/>Applied Paper Award
Best Contributed
Applied Paper Award
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2020 IEEE/ACM Winter
Simulation Conference
Best Paper Award
Best Paper Award
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2018​ ACM SIGSIM Conference on
Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS)
Best Paper Award
Best Paper Award
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2018 IEEE International Symposium
on Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications (DS-RT)
Best Paper Award
Best Paper Award
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2013 AsiaSim 13th International Conference on Systems Simulation

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