Academic Licences

For Students, Postgrads, Lecturers, and Professors

CityMoS Academic Licences

For students interested in modelling and simulation of transport networks and students working on their bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD thesis. If you are a professor conducting research or a lecturer teaching in a related field, you are eligible for an annual subscription of a full CityMoS Plus licence at a heavily discounted price. Please apply via if you are interested in an academic licence.

All CityMoS licences are per-seat licences and require online activation. Licence-to-seat assignment can be changed by the user, but CityMoS can only be run on one workstation at a time.

Do I need a commercial licence or an academic licence?

If you are paid to conduct research (e.g., research grants or industry  collaborations) or the results you generate are used by governments or industry, you need a commercial licence.

Hardware Requirements

Please note the following hardware requirements to run CityMoS:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04 and newer
  • Multi-Core CPU: 2 or 4 cores depending on licence
  • Memory: 4GB to 16GB
  • Drive Space: at least 1GB

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