Mobility in Virtual Environments at Scale (MoVES)

The City Mobility Simulator (CityMoS), developed by TUMCREATE, is a next-generation transport planning tool which incorporates high-performance computing techniques to offer microscopic detail at city scale. The digital twin platform has been used in various government and industry projects to support infrastructure planning, traffic flow optimisation as well as public transport and commercial fleet management.

CityMoS is further enhanced in the MoVES (Mobility in Virtual Environments    at Scale) Lab, a partnership between TUMCREATE and Huawei to conduct cutting-edge research that will enhance transport system simulation and improve urban planning in smart cities. The lab aims to develop new simu-lation models that can accurately reflect complex real-world scenarios with a high level of realism. These enhanced simulations can then be used as a base to support traffic flow planning and traffic light control, contributing to more efficient transport solutions.

Holistic Transport System Exploration

Instead of focusing only on traffic properties, CityMoS fully considers the mobility of people, including commute behaviour and mode choice. With models for public transport including rail networks and buses, as well as taxis and private traffic, CityMoS can provide insights into the transport system inaccessible to traditional traffic simulators.



Greener Transport Systems

CityMoS provides insights into a range of environmental metrics such as emissions or noise. The simulator is a great platform to study the effects of electrification not only on the environment but also on the operations of vehicle fleets, and through co-simulation, on the power grid. It can therefore be used to support the planning of charging infrastructure at scale and help cities transit to a carbon-free future.

Commercial Fleet Analysis

The charging and energy management of electric fleets and the move away from conventional combustion engine vehicles comes with challenges. CityMoS can serve as a digital twin to analyse vehicle assignment, fleet compositions, charging strategies, and demand prediction, making it a powerful companion for existing fleet management tools.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Connected vehicles and autonomous driving can change the way we move. CityMoS can be used to study the effect of mixed traffic, i.e. how humans and self-driving cars share the road. In the future, it will be possible to integrate CityMoS into the traffic control centre of a modern city to provide traffic forecasting and recommendations for traffic flow control strategies.

In partnership with: Huawei