Singapore Integrated Transport and Energy Model

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Commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Public Sector Science and Technology Policy and Plans Office (S&TPPO) and in collaboration with all relevant agencies, researchers from TUMCREATE and A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) set out to create the first high-fidelity, island-wide simulation of electric vehicle (EV) transport in Singapore, called SITEM, short for Singapore Integrated Transport and Energy Model.

SITEM integrates multiple aspects of mobility and energy modelling, including the movements of individual vehicles, drivers’ decisions where and when to charge, as well as the interaction of EV charging demand with the capacity of the power grid. The project conducts a comprehensive analysis of projected electric vehicle charging patterns and energy demand, which will support policymaking on Singapore’s budget 2040 vision for all vehicles to run on cleaner energy. Such initiative will greatly contribute towards Singapore’s decarbonisation commitments.

SITEM Project Builds on Two Primary Simulation Technologies Developed by TUMCREATE in Singapore:


This collaboration between the research teams and relevant government agencies allows for integration of the best from two research institutes to address national level challenges.”

Er Pang Chung Khiang, Group Chief Systems Officer of S&TPPO, PMO
  • CityMoS, the City Mobility Simulator utilises high-performance computing techniques to enable high-detail transport simulation of the entire island of Singapore, while maintaining short turnaround times. This enables the efficient exploration of wide parameter spaces.

  • Multi Energy System Modelling and Optimisation (MESMO) is an advanced software framework that combines simulation of electrical grids and optimisation techniques to mitigate the grid impact of distributed energy resources (such as photovoltaics) and new types        of loads (such as EV charging).

The live coupling of the mobility simulator CityMoS and the power grid simulator MESMO provides insights into the inter- dependencies of both systems. These advanced scenario modelling capabilities have enabled regulatory agencies to explore and evaluate various pathways to vehicle electrification. For example, given that private electric cars will generally park longer than the actual duration required for the car to fully charge, smart charging management can help reduce grid infrastructure upgrade costs without compromising the overall energy provisioned to the electric cars. 

SITEM makes it possible to estimate the efficiency gains from such systems and to model their impact alongside or in combination with other mechanisms such as incentive-based demand shifting, smart scheduling, and local energy storages.

Winner of the 2022 Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Borderless Silver Award.
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